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Best Day of My Life Proposal

Douglas & Michelle

Love Story

Thank you Frassanito for helping make our engagement so special!

Being somewhat old-fashioned, the way John and I met isn't our favorite part of our story. Like many people these days, we met on an online dating site. I deleted mine a couple months prior and randomly signed back on one night. When I woke up the next morning, I had a message from John. From then on, we talked everyday. There was something different about John and it was only confirmed on our first date. I knew in my gut that I had met the man I was going to marry.

John and I took a trip for our one year anniversary to the West Coast. We started in Vegas (of course we joked the whole time about going to a chapel) and then flew to Los Angeles. We were excited to drive down Pacific Highway to our last destination, San Diego. John did some research and found a great park in Laguna Beach on our way. He talked about going during the sunset for weeks before we even left for vacation. I had no idea that this is where he was planning on proposing! I was anxious to make it to San Diego before it got too late and didn't want to stay for the sunset. When we arrived in Laguna, John asked someone where we would have the best view. We made our way down to the beach and it was just breath taking! We asked a couple of girls to

take our picture and when they were done, John asked if they could take another and got down on one knee. I was in shock!!! When I saw the ring I was even in more shock. It was so beautiful and perfect!

John picked out my ring all by himself with the help of Frassanito! He said he was so nervous, but as soon as he arrived they made him feel at ease. Thank you Frassanito for helping make our engagement so special! I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful ring!

John & Angela

Love Story

The man I love, and I are going to be a family.

Two days before we were set to fly home from our trip to the endlessly beautiful Hawaiian Islands, Tim took me to Yokohama Bay to watch the sunset. He had packed a picnic with champagne and fresh Hawaiian fruit. As we sat and watched the play of colors in the sky, it began to mist a light and warm rain down on us (which we were later told is considered a great Hawaiian blessing).

The rain created a gorgeous rainbow over us. I decided to walk down to the shore to take a few pictures. When I journeyed back up the beach Tim was already down on one knee waiting for me. I was overwhelmed with emotion and incredibly overjoyed at his proposal. The man I love, and I are going to be a family. It's everything I have dreamed of. It doesn't hurt that the ring is insanely gorgeous as well!

Thanks to Frassanito Jewelers for creating the ring of my dreams to go along with our storybook engagement. It is stunning! I get compliments on it ALL of the time!

Arianna & Tim

Love Story

I Figured the Holidays Would be a Wonderful Time to Propose an Engagement.

Kristen loves the Christmas season, and is the kind of person that starts putting up decorations as soon as Halloween is over. Evolving from a very simple proposal idea in front of the Christmas tree in my living room, I decided to find a Christmas themed setting that could be candidly photographed. As Houston, TX does not have the most scenic of landscapes, I was able to find a local nursery that had a forest of Christmas trees and was beautifully decorated for the holidays and asked to rent the place out for a proposal. With such a beautiful ring from Frassanito Jewelers, I knew that Kristen would want to show it off right away. I worked with her Mom in secret to organize a surprise engagement party with family and close friends in the greenhouse of the nursery.

The night of the proposal, Kristen and I were on our way to what she thought was a birthday dinner for my Mom. After I picked her up, I told her I needed to make a quick stop at the nursery to pick up a Poinsettia as a gift for my Mom. Without question, we arrived at the nursery and there was one lone tree left in the Christmas tree display (I had previously bought the tree and our parents had gotten there hours before and worked with the nursery to arrange it this way). Since we did not have a Christmas tree yet, I suggested taking a closer look at the tree. There was one ornament hanging in the middle of the tree turned around backwards (her Mom had placed it there prior to us arriving). She turned it around and it read, "Kristen and Dustin Engaged, December 2013". Then, when she turned to look at me, I was on one knee and unveiled the gorgeous engagement ring. Her reaction was classic and she said yes! A photographer (who was acting as a shopper) captured the whole thing. After we collected ourselves and enjoyed the moment as a couple, I told her that "I really do need to get that Poinsettia and its back in the greenhouse". On the walk to the greenhouse she could not stop staring at the ring with her jaw dropped. When I opened the double doors to the greenhouse, all our family and close friends were gathered to celebrate! We both hugged each of them one by one with tears streaming down everyone's face. It was truly an unforgettable moment. After a champagne toast I revealed a third surprise, that we were leaving for Cancun, Mexico on a romantic getaway for the two of us!

I love Kristen with all my heart and am so thankful to Frassanito Jewelers for helping me make this moment so special!

Dustin & Kristen

Love Story

Kevin and I Have Known Each Other our Entire Lives.

We were in the same class in 3rd and 4th grade, and were friendly throughout middle and high school. We began dating junior year of high school, and have been together ever since. In September 2013, Kevin and I decided that we were ready to begin ring shopping. Our first stop was Frassanito's, and that was where I found my dream ring, Transcend Dream by Hearts on Fire. No other ring compared, so I hoped that Kevin would choose that one! And on November 29, 2013, I got to see the ring again, and this time, it was for me.

Kevin and I have the tradition of decorating his family Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. So after decorating the tree with his family, the house began to quiet down, and it was just Kevin and I. He asked me to come over to the tree, and look around for my favorite ornament of ours; we have collected quite a few over our 5 years together. And there, placed on the tree was an ornament of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, dressed as a bridge and groom, sitting in a giant engagement ring. Now, I had never seen this ornament before, so I assumed it was his parents! I looked at it, tapped it and said "That's nice!" and kept walking around the tree! Kevin then says, "Look at it closer," and there hanging from the ornament was my beautiful Hearts on Fire engagement ring! When I looked at Kevin, he was down on one knee, and asked "Will you spend the rest of your life with me?" I couldn't believe it, I began crying and shaking, I was overjoyed, and said yes! I am so happy to be Kevin's bride, and I must thank Shaina at Frassanito Jewelers for helping us begin this beautiful journey of ours.

Sarah & Kevin

Love Story

With his experience as a military planner, Jason planned Operation Puerto Madero Surprise.

He involved our families in secret planning sessions by email and covert conversations at Roundtree Lane. He had co-conspirators in our families ranging from multiple cities across the globe.

We had planned a trip together in Argentina, and he was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, July 16 to Buenos Aires . . . BUT... he flew to Buenos Aires one day early to surprise me!

He had plotted with a friend of mine to have her invite me to lunch at Puerto Madero, the trendy, romantic waterfront area in Buenos Aires. She told me she would meet me at the middle of the Puente de la Mujer, the famous women's bridge that represents a couple dancing tango and is an iconic symbol of BsAs. While I thought it was odd that she would not meet me at the restaurant, I thought nothing of it, as I was distracted and busy getting ready for Jason's supposed arrival the following day. As I walked across the bridge I saw a man that looked a lot like Jason. I froze, took off my sunglasses and kept on walking because I thought my mind was playing tricks on me.

I walked about another ten steps and went into total shock when I realized it was him. He met me halfway across the bridge and proposed to me with a BEAUTIFUL engagement ring. We stayed on the bridge for about two hours until sunset, and the universe provided live music, a flower seller, a boy selling tissues and some missionaries who felt inspired to say a prayer blessing us. It was a beautiful moment. Of course we continued the day celebrating drinking champagne, and now we have a two week trip to Cordoba, Mendoza (wine country) and Iguazu Falls to continue the celebration.

Carolina & Jason

Love Story

While enjoying a fireworks show, LP proposed with a breathtaking Hearts On Fire ring!

Kismet is defined as one's fate or fortune, but it is also a quaint beach community on Fire Island's west end. On August 6, 2011, as fate would have it, LP and I met on the beach in Kismet. Since that day we have been inseparable. We were both so fortunate to find in each other what we had been searching for our entire lives. Eleven months later on the fourth of July LP surprised me with some fireworks of his own! While enjoying the Grucci show at The Huntington Crescent Club, LP proposed with a breathtaking Hearts On Fire ring! I replied, "YES!" as tears of joy streamed down my face. Five months later on December 15, 2012 we were joined by family and friends as we declared our love for each other at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in New York City. Our fairytale wedding celebration continued into the night at The New York Athletic Club on Central Park South. LP and I wish much love and happiness to all who are on their quest for love. "Our Kismet...At Last"

Christine & LP

Love Story

My Love Story with Neri is as Classic as it Gets.

We were introduced to each other by his cousin, whom I use to work with. We went on several dates, and were really hit it off. On September 1st 2008, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Even though, we lived quite some distance apart, we felt this kind of love was worth overcoming the distance.

This past December we were at my parent's house celebrating my Mother's Birthday. Neri stood up and starting explaining to my parents and family how grateful he was to have me and if it weren't for them, he would have never found me. He then turned to me, got on one knee, and asked me to marry him! It brought me back to 2008 when he asked me to be his girlfriend, now he was asking me to be his wife. I was beyond excited, as were my parents. My Dad even cried! Thank you Shaina at Frassanito Jewelers for helping Neri pop the question with my dream ring!

Neri & Livia

Love Story

I could not ask for a better person to share the rest of my life with.

Ed and I first met in August 2003. We were both freshman at Marist College. My roommate went to Garden City High School with Ed. Ed and I were always friendly when we saw each other around campus. College came and went and soon it was graduation party season. We were at our good friend's graduation party in August 2007 where we reconnected. Everything has been wonderful ever since.

Ed and I were looking at an apartment that he was going to be moving into. I was checking out one of the bedrooms while Ed was taking measurements in the living room. When I went to go meet up with him in the living room, I walked into him on one knee. Before Ed even got a word out, I said "What are you doing?!" because I was in such shock! The man of my dreams was asking me to marry him with a gorgeous round diamond engagement ring. Later that night we went to our favorite special restaurant to celebrate our exciting news. I could not ask for a better person to share the rest of my life with. I am also so thankful to Frassanito Jewelers for creating such a gorgeous engagement ring. I get compliments every time I go out!

Kelly & Ed

Love Story

I hugged him immediately while saying yes!

I had been dating Michael for about 10 months before the BIG day on July 27, 2012. Last year, I met Michael on an online dating site, and after initially declining his first request for a date, I gave in and we met up. We started out slow but I soon realized how much I had fallen in love with this man and his family! Fast forwarding 10 months to "the day"; We went to downtown Northport for dinner on our usual date night and Michael parked at the marina and suggested a nice walk to water before dinner. It was a nice evening, so we walked out on the docks and then walked through the park and found a bench to sit on. Then I asked "aren't we going to be late for dinner?" Michael said "oh no our reservations are 7:30... I had to change them". So we sat and chatted about the weather; every time I leave him to go home, I always end up driving in "typhoon like" weather. He then said "well maybe you should never leave?" Michael then got down on one knee and said "never leave me and to be with me always" and then asked "will you marry me?" as he flashed me an amazingly sparkly Hearts On Fire ring! All I could say was Oh My Gosh over and over while shaking. I hugged him immediately while saying yes! I couldn't believe this was happening. Then he tried to put the ring on the wrong finger because we were both still shaking. My eyes wouldn't stop tearing, happy tears of course. This was the most amazing surprise and along with the most beautiful ring it is now the very best day of my life! Thank you Frassanito Jewelers for making it all come together.

Kerri & Michael

Love Story

That night, we went on a walk through Central Park even though it was freezing...

I had not seen the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center for many years. I thought it would be a romantic night out to go into the city to see the tree and have a nice dinner afterwards. Earlier in the week, I had noticed that some of my jewelry had seen better days so thought that weekend would be the perfect time to drop it off at the jeweler for cleaning. While at the store Ryan wanted to buy me a new bracelet as part of my Christmas gift, but I said no "save the money for a ring", I joked. As we were walking out of the store I said I felt "naked' without my jewelry." Little did I know what piece of jewelry was in Ryan's coat pocket...

That night, we went on a walk through Central Park even though it was freezing and I urged that we just go to dinner. As we were walking through Central Park, Ryan said "so you feel naked without your jewelry on, huh?" I responded with "yes, I have never been without it, it feels weird" Ryan responded with" well, hopefully this can hold you over until they are back from the jeweler" then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him with a Hearts on Fire Enrichment engagement ring. I was so surprised this was happening because he had been tricking me by continuously saying that rings were too expensive. Then I said the word Ryan was patiently waiting for… YES! At this point we were both frozen so we hurried to The Warwick Hotel, which has important significance to us because on our anniversary we would walk through Central Park and stay at The Warwick Hotel for the night. It became a tradition for us! After dinner Ryan and I  called our parents and families, and Ryan called Mrs. Armieri of course, to share our wonderful news. It was a very special and exciting day for us and the beginning of many more moments to come.

Colleen & Ryan

Love Story

When Bryan proposed to me it was
completely unexpected.

"We had just gotten home from a day of hiking when he called me into the bedroom about something "urgent". I ran into the room to find him on one knee. Unbeknownst to me, earlier that day he had brought me to this one particular lookout point he had read about to propose to me. When it wasn't up to par he back tracked. Anxious to propose, having only had the ring a day, he proposed me to right then and there in our bedroom with a beautiful pear shaped engagement ring from Frassanito Jewelers, it was stunning. I was overwhelmed with such joy and excitement; it was a day I'll never forget."

Tiffani & Bryan

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