"... I always love the experience."

"As always, I was welcomed the moment I stepped into the store. Rachel knew exactly which earrings my daughter had fallen in love with for her wedding day. We spoke about the value of her owning such earings and the joy of wearing them to future events."

- Kathy Bahou

"... Always a pleasant place to shop."

"Always a pleasant place to shop. There is a lot of variety in the jewelry as well as the prices. Everyone is delightful!"

- Daphne Hagan

"... This is an exceptional place, we have found a jeweler for life!"

"We cannot say enough positive about our experience with Frassanito Jewelers. Everything from the service, to the selection, to the overall experience was incredible. Not only did everything feel so personalized, but the ring could not be more beautiful. It's everything I wanted, and that much more. By getting to know a little more about us, Frassanito Jewelers found the perfect ring to fit all of our wishes, and in our price point."

- Sarah Marone

"... I would fully recommend Kathy and Frassanito Jewelers."

"I worked with Kathy over the past year and a half to find the perfect engagement ring and wedding gift for my wife. My family has exclusively worked with Kathy over the past several years, so it was an easy decision for me to call her when I was ready to buy an engagement ring. Kathy took the time to discuss with me what I had in mind, my budget, and what my options ultimately were. Kathy was very patient as I took my time to make these decisions, and she never pressured me into making a purchase I wasn't comfortable with. I would fully recommend Kathy and Frassanito Jewelers to anyone who is shopping for quality jewelry."

- Joseph Tarantino

"... They are always gracious and helpful."

"Wonderful shopping experience with owner Diane Frassanito today. She helped me purchase the perfect gift for my mother's 70th birthday. They are always gracious and helpful."

- Amy Daly

"... We couldn’t have been happier."

"Professional, classy, trustworthy establishment. Excellent selection. We couldn’t have been happier with our wedding band purchases and plan on going back to Frassanito for all of our jewelry needs."

- Gina Elia

"... Thank you Frassanito."

"Diane at Frassanito’s helped me to upgrade my engagement ring. A custom halo was made and added to my princess cut diamond. They were careful to match the diamonds already on my ring. Thank you Frassanito!"

- Rosemarie Hofmann

"... Highest quality and beauty, matched by the great customer service."

"I've been a very, very happy customer of Frassanito Jewelers for over 20 years now. I have purchased multiple pieces of jewelry for my wife there and every one was an exceptional piece. They take such great care in selecting gems of the highest quality and beauty, matched by the great customer service. I have worked with Rachel over the years and she always does an outstanding job ib helping me choose exactly the right piece for my wife. Thank you Rachel and Frassanito!"

- Michael Kahn

"... I've been going to Frassanito Jewelers for sixteen years."

"I've been going to Frassanito Jewelers for sixteen years -- back in 2002 to buy my wife's engagement ring, and then just today to buy a necklace for our 15-year anniversary. Every time I have gone, I have been warmly greeted and presented with a vast array of options in a variety of price ranges. Regardless of my budget, there are always plenty of pieces to choose from...all of the highest quality. Diane is my go-to when I visit the store. Her suggestions are always spot-on. I think she knows my wife's taste better than I do!"

- Stephen Garvey

"... Totally trustworthy and professional."

"I have been a satisfied customer of Frassanito for many years. I have purchased jewelry, and have reworked and repaired existing jewelry, all done to perfection. I was in recently to have a ring reset, and Rachel helped me through the process. Their advice is totally spot on, and I trust whatever they suggest and have never been disappointed. Totally trustworthy and professional!"

- Joanne Bryant

"... Incredible all around experience here."

"Came in here shopping for an engagement ring setting and Diane and Shaina were able to answer every imaginable question a first time clueless shopper like myself had. They steered me to the perfect size and kept me up to date throughout the process on any questions i had. Very accommodating as far as payment and pick-up as i had to make sure not to raise any suspicions with the future Mrs. They had it appraised for me and recommended an insurer all while doing it on a very short timeline. i would recommend this store to everyone and can't thank them enough for making my engagement night perfect!"

- Ryan O’Grady

"... My wife and I will be celebrating our 45th anniversary this year and she wanted to change the setting on her engagement ring."

"She went online to search for a jewelry store with good reviews. She looked at several stores and their reviews and Frassanito came up a winner. The store lived up to all the accolades given by the reviews plus more. In our situation we ended up having a problem with my wife's existing diamond. Diane, the owner, went through showing us lots of different settings. After much searching we found the setting we liked. When Diane examined her diamond she said that there was a large chip in it. She suggested we call our insurance company and put a claim in. Diane photographed the stone, sent it to our insurance company, and in a couple of weeks our insurance company sent us a check for the insured value of the ring. Diane then showed us a new diamond which looked beautiful in the new setting. My wife is loving her new ring. Two weeks later, she decided she wanted a new wedding band to add just a little more glitz to her diamond. The two rings together finish off the look perfectly. Thank you Diane for making my wife happy. We would highly recommend this store. They are warm, friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable."

- Gary Schoer

"... I had a fantastic experience buying an engagement ring for my now Fiance at Frassanito Jewelers!"

"I went there with my Father, Mother, and Brother (which can be a bit overwhelming) but Diane helped walk me through the decision making process in a calm and non-pushy manner. I felt as though I was family before I left. I had such a good experience that I went back with my Fiance for our wedding bands. 6 out of 5 stars!"

- Kenneth Donahue

"... I had an amazing experience at Frassanito Jewelers! From the time I walked in I was greeted with big smiles and warm welcomes."

"Diane was fantastic! She sat with me and offered so much helpful advice. Every ring she showed me was more beautiful than the last one. Diane helped me pick out the perfect ring and my finance and I could not be happier. Thank you!"

- John Wekselman

"... First off, I just want to say that my ring is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't be more in love with it!"

"First off, I just want to say that my ring is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't be more in love with it!! My fiancé and I had a wonderful experience with the staff at Frassanito Jewelers. He shopped around a bit, but felt an instant connection with them. They were welcoming and really helped him feel comfortable. He brought a picture of the style I liked and together, they picked out the perfect ring for me! We live right in Huntington village, so it was so nice to do business with a local jeweler. After my fiancé proposed, he took me to the store to meet the staff. They were so happy to meet me and told me to come whenever I want to get my ring cleaned. Thank you Frassanito for making our engagement so special!!"

- Angela Cavallaro

"... I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring!"

"My experience with Frassanito Jewelers, Shaina and Diane in particular was an excellent one. From the day I walked in their store on a recommendation of a friend, they were very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, friendly and welcoming! Shaina was also very conscience of my budget and the specific stone I was looking for. They were able to get me the ideal ring and stone for my fiancé. I am happy to say she was thrilled with the ring that I received from Frassanito Jewelers. I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring!"

- Ryan Gillies

"... It has been such a pleasure working with all of you at Frassanito."

"I called Frassanito Jewelers because I saw a pair of Hearts on Fire earrings that were retired on their web site. Which I once saw in Jamaica and did not buy. Had buyers regret since. Spoke to Shaina who was so sweet and caring and very professional. She informed me that they are retired earrings and that they probably could not be gotten. I told her my Jamaica story. She did take my information and said she would mention the situation to her boss. She was so sorry. I said thanks so much anyway and hung up very disappointed. The next day I got an email from Shaina that she had found my Sweet Dream retired earrings. I was so excited and called her right away. She said after mentioning the situation to Diane her boss that they both searched and found them for me. I could not believe that they went out of their way the way they did for me. I don't know where they found them but so grateful they did. I am in customer service myself and always go above and beyond for clients but don't always experience it back. Shaina and Diane are not only amazing business people they are kind, caring, honest, and compassionate and extremely professional. If you are looking for a gift for that special someone don't look any further go to Frassanito Jewelers and meet Shaina and Diane and you too will know you're in good hands and you will have a new jeweler also. I look forward to doing much more business with them in the future and sending all friends and family there as well. They also have the most beautiful and unique jewelry I have ever seen. Thank you again Shania and Diane and your buyer who located these for me. It has been such a pleasure working with all of you at Frassanito and I will see you again soon. Keep making people's dreams happen. You did mine."

- Esta Plutner

"...We can't thank Frassanito Jewelers enough."

"We can't thank Frassanito Jewelers enough for making our experience so easy and enjoyable. Their pieces are so beautiful and they have a price range that fits every budget. We wouldn't have gone anywhere else. Their attention to detail and personal touch made it that much better. Highly recommend! Thanks again."

- Madeline

"...I could not be happier with my experience at Frassanito Jewelers."

"I could not be happier with my experience at Frassanito Jewelers. From start to finish Shaina made the process of finding the perfect engagement ring both relaxed and enjoyable. After seeing the face of my now fiancé when i ask for her hand in marriage, I knew Frassanito Jewelers was the right decision and I have to thank Shaina for all of her help throughout the process. My fiancé and I will absolutely be back to buy our wedding bands in the near future."

- Matt F

"...I had a great Experience purchasing an Engagement Ring."

"I had a great Experience purchasing an Engagement Ring for my fiancé and Wedding Bands for us. Diane was extremely knowledgeable throughout the process and worked closely with both me and my fiancé to find the perfect ring within the budget we had. My fiancé has been getting stopped on the street everywhere we go for the ring she has! Would absolutely recommend Frassanito for your big day!."

- Michael Henning

"...Frassanito is professional at the highest of levels."

"People tell my fiance that her ring is literally the most beautiful they have ever seen. Frassanito worked to find a magnificently cut diamond with ideal proportions and paired it with the exact style setting that my fiance loved all for a very reasonable price. I could not be more satisfied with my experience."

- Dustin Pool

"What a fantastic experience my fiance and I had at Frassanito Jewelers!"

"This was our first stop for engagement ring shopping, and it would be where we found my beautiful Hearts on Fire ring! Shaina was absolutely fantastic, she was patient with me, as I wanted to try on ring after ring, sometimes more than once! She was respectful of our budget, and is the reason we were able to get my beautiful ring. Thank you Shaina, and thank you Frassanito! See you soon for wedding band shopping!"

- Sarah Ewald

"My experience at Frassanito Jewlers was excellent."

"When I was planning on buying an engagement ring I went to many jewelers looking for the right ring. At the recommendation of my sister's fiance' I went to Frassanito Jewelers. Diane Frassanito helped me find the perfect ring at a very fair cost!

To be honest, the settings she had in stock were not the "right" setting for my now fiance. Diane went through many different designer (mainly Scott Kay) settings she normally didn't stock to make sure that the one I got was the right one for my fiance. After some searching she finally found one that I knew was right. She had the setting over-nighted and the next day I got to see it. Diane put me first, she was patient, helpful, and based on her actions it was clear to me she cared and wanted me to be happy with my purchase. I don't know many people in any business who would spend days going out of their way to locate an item their store doesn't sell solely because they care about the customer. Not only did she find a setting just for me but I checked other jewelers that normally stock that setting and she beat their price. I am super happy with the service experience, quality of jewelry, and price of jewelry at Frassanito Jewelers I would recommend them to anyone, especially young men like myself, on a budget and scared to death to buy an engagement ring.

You will be happy! Not only was I happy but my fiance cannot stop staring at her ring and I proposed well over a month ago. You will not find a more gratifying compliment then when her friends tell her you have great taste in jewelry and are a keeper! I take some credit but I couldn't have done it without the help of Diane at Frassanito Jewelers. I'd always recommend shopping around for a big purchase especially jewelry but definitely stop in here you might just find that you're done shopping around; you will certainly not regret it!!!! And hey if your not too busy while you're there maybe tell them Ben recommended you!"

- Ben Schiraldi

"...It is the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen."

"My fiance said that Frassanito made him feel so comfortable and sure of his decision. Shaina was hugely helpful in picking out the ring and working within his budget. They have been so helpful to us before, during, and after our engagement. We cannot wait to purchase our weddings bands from Frassanito. THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY DREAMS COME TRUE!"

- Emily Wildermuth

"...Frassanito Jewelers is fantastic!"

"I purchased an engagement ring from here. They spent time explaining the basics of ring purchasing to me, including explaining the clarity scale and color scale, etc. They were always professional and never pressured me to make a decision. Frassanito provided great advice on selecting a ring, and were accommodating. Shaina was the employee who helped me pick out the ring - she was fantastic! I went to around 7 different jewelers in the area and Frassanito was my favorite. I would highly recommend Frassanito."

- Nicholas Furlani

"...FRASSANITO - The absolute BEST!"

"My fiance and I went into Frassanito Jewelers a few months prior to the proposal. While Diane and Rachel assisted me figure out exactly what kind of setting I would want with a cushion cut diamond, they were both so incredibly helpful to my fiance by introducing him to the world of diamonds.

After our visit Diane searched far and wide for the perfect cushion cut stone. She spoke with my fiance on the phone, through email and in person to make sure, together, they found the perfect stone. When they did (and I am so happy they did!) he went in to see the product of their joint efforts. Not only did the amazing family at Frassanito help him pick out a stone and create a ring -- they made my fiance feel like he was really a part of the whole creation process. THEN - they helped with the proposal plan!

They are nothing short of spectacular - JUST LIKE MY RING!

Every time I go in there to visit, show off my beautiful engagement ring and get it cleaned (which they never mind doing) Diane, Rachel and the Frassanito family make ME feel like I'm a part of their family. I always leave thinking "I can't wait to go back!"

I would and often recommend them to friends, family and loved ones looking for anything from engagement, anniversary to 'just because' gifts because they are the absolute BEST!


- Lauren Fuschillo

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